The Hippodrome

The Hippodrome Theatre stood on Dovecot Street and was built in 1905.  The original building burnt down in 1932 before being rebuilt and reopened in 1933.  It ran primarily as a cinema before returning to live theatre use in 1948.  In 1969 it was renamed the Essoldo Cinema, then the Classic in 1972.  The building closed for good in 1996, being demolished and replaced by the Arc arts centre.

Our collection of programmes from the Hippodrome have been digitised and made available online.  The majority of the collection comes from the 1950s and provides a tremendous insight into how the people of Stockton-on-Tees entertained themselves during the post-war period, and how regional repertory theatre operated.  Click on any of the images below to view the full programme.

1948 See How They Run
1948 Love's a Luxury
1948 Fools Rush In
1948 Tons of Money
1948 Rebecca
1948 The Cure For Love
The Shop at Sly Corner