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Thornaby's Five Lamps

Thornaby's Five Lamps

The iconic Five Lamps was erected in 1874 at the junction of George Street and Mandale Road, Thornaby.

Commissioned by four local Justices of the Peace; Joseph Richardson, William Whitwell, Charles Arthur Head and William Anderson. The Five Lamps were used by local residents, religious groups and political rallies and soon became the focal point of the old town.

Between the 1930s and 1950s the original Victorian gas-lit lamps were replaced by a succession of electric versions. The construction of the A66 saw a replica of the original, built by trainees at Head Wrightson Ltd, erected on the roundabout at the junction of Westbury Street and Mandale Road. It was unveiled by Mayor Pragnell on 1st September 1983 and carries the Thornaby coat of arms with the motto ‘Always Advancing’ along with the Stockton coat of arms with the motto ‘Forward As One’.

In 2009 Thornaby Town Council in conjunction with Stockton Town Council repaired and relocated the lamps to another area after they were damaged by vandalism. The renovated Five Lamps moved to its current position opposite The Roundel on Acklam Road in 2010.

Did you know… The origin of the Five Lamps is said to be linked to Robert de Thormodbi who was wounded in the Crusades at the Battle for Acre. He swore to create a shrine to the Virgin Mary if he survived his wounds which he did. As part of his wish a shrine niche of the Virgin Mary, lit by five sanctuary lamps was placed in St. Peter’s Church on Thornaby Green.

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