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Stratford House

This is  two to three storey modern office block built in brick. Although rectangular in plan, the block has a complex roof. The north side facing Ramsgate is three storeys with a ridge roof. There is a small parapet around this roof decorated with coloured brick strings with short columns at the corners. The W side facing West Row is two stories with a ridged roof. The east side has three ridged roofs parallel to the north side, but only two stories. The roof is tiled with concrete tiles. There is concrete stringing around the north and west side of the building at windowsill level. There is a single door to left hand side of north face surrounded by an ornate case. In the centre of the north face is another single door, flanked by windows under a decorative pediment supported on kneelers. On the E side is an emergency door. Windows: Ground Floor: on the N side is a double window with wooden case and wood moulding to ground level below. On the W side are three larger windows to a similar design the two outer have 3 panes with 3 small lights above. The centre set has the centre pane split and gives the appearance of a door. There are shop type fascias above all ground floor windows. There is one small window to the S side. First floor: N side has two two-pane windows at each side of a central large 6-pane window, giving the appearance of 3 separate shops. The W side has 6 two-pane windows split to give the appearance of 3 shops. The East side has 6 two-pane windows one pair under each section of roof. Second Floor: N side has identical layout to first floor. The S side has one two pane window visible.

Period 20th Century
( Late 20th century )
Listed Status Not Listed
Within Stockton Town Centre Conservation Area Yes
Original Building Use Services
( Office Block )
Current Building Use Services
( Office Block )
Date of Survey Wed, 30 Sep 2009
Relationship to Adjoining Buildings

Not attached to any other building


Stratford House 11 - 12 Ramsgate Stockton-on-Tees TS18 1BS

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