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Red Lion West Row/Ramsgate

A very complex building with face on both Ramsgate and West Row. Consisting of two storeys on Ramsgate and three storey on West Row side. The Pub has been extended along West Row by taking in two other buildings as seen by roof levels. This gives three low storeys. The building is thought to be brick but is rendered and part of the Ramsgate frontage is constructed on a sandstone plinth. All of the visible roof is slate and looks like half a hipped roof because it turns the corner. There are two chimneys, one in the centre of the Ramsgate/West Row junction of the roof and one at 16 Ramsgate end, attached to that buildings chimney. They have one and two pots respectively.

The door is now on the corner although moulding suggests it was on the Ramsgate side central between the windows.

Windows: Ramsgate side

Ground Floor: Very ornate double window set in mullioned sandstone frame of the sash type with one lower and nine upper panes. The second window is much less ornate and bigger with three large panes with smaller panes below and four higher lights, sills are stone. Below the window is inset brickwork, painted. A fascia with name runs over the filled in door and the window and round the corner.

First Floor: Three sash windows the centre one having two single panes. The others have single pane lower and nine pane upper.

Windows: West Row side

Ground Floor: Two large windows similar to that on other side with three lights above and below and brick infill below. There are two small mismatched windows in the first extension with top opening lights. There are no windows in the second extension but there is a door.

First Floor: The windows are at a different level to main block. There is one  window with stone sill to first extension and another similar at the same level in the second extension. Second Floor: There are two smaller windows, one in each extension. The first extension has 2+2 pane sash and the second extension has a double 2+2 pane sash window. There is a smaller kneeler stone at eaves level of main block and first extension. The back of the building is only partially visible and is part brick with some rendering there are a number of windows visible some sash some plain.

Period 19th Century
( 19th century )
Listed Status Not Listed
Within Stockton Town Centre Conservation Area Yes
Original Building Use Shop
Current Building Use Leisure/Entertainment
Date of Survey Mon, 28 Sep 2009
Relationship to Adjoining Buildings

Attached to 16 Ramsgate (A.08) and 29 West Row over entrance to Hambletonian Yard


The Red Lion Ramsgate Stockton-on-Tees TS18 1BS

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