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41 and 43 North Terrace Norton Road

A three storey building of brick and mortar construction in Flemish bond. It has a slate gabled roof with no chimneys. On the front elevation there are two ground floor entrances and two basement entrances. To each ground floor entrance is approached by stone steps. The basement entrance to property number 41 is accessed from street level; the basement entrance to number 43 is accessed down 4 brick steps and is located under the steps to the main entrance.

At basement level there is a rectangular non-opening two paned window to property 41, and one set of three paned casement windows with centre pane opening at property 43. At ground floor level there are two sash windows, one for each property.

To the first floor there are four twelve paned windows, two for each property. Each ground floor entrance is flanked by tapered stone pilasters with stone capitals and a rectangular pediment (both properties are identical). Stone string courses run between basement and ground floor, and ground floor and first floor levels. Stone corbels run along the eaves. The basement façade of number 43 has been refaced in stone/concrete blocks and painted, to just above window level. There is also decorative stone relief above the basement window. The right side elevation is of rendered brick and has a gabled end. There are no entrances or any windows on this elevation. The rear elevation is of brick and mortar construction with mostly stretchers and occasional rows of headers. The gabled roof is pan tiled. There are no visible entrances.

The ground floor has one two paned casement window visible. There is a tall arched stair level sash window with 17 small panes. To the first floor there are two two-paned top opening casement windows. At the rear of property number 41 there is a small 19th/20th century brick and mortar extension with a large blocked window. There is also a small brick extension on the back of number 43 at ground floor level, with one small two paned casement window. There is also a blocked arched window to the right at first floor level of number 41.

Period 19th Century
( Early 19th century )
Listed Status Grade II Listed
Historic England Links
Within Stockton Town Centre Conservation Area Yes
Original Building Use Dwelling/House
( Dwelling )
Current Building Use Dwelling/House
Other Information

41 is listed

Date of Survey Fri, 21 Sep 2012
Relationship to Adjoining Buildings

Attached to M22 on the left hand side. Contempory with M22, M21 and M20.


41 - 43 Norton Road Stockton-on-Tees TS18 2BU

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