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32 West Row

The building no longer represents the property that used to stand here. It incorporates thin 19th Century brick from the original structure as well as various stages of 20th Century brick built into the adjoining property to its right. The original gable roof is not longer extant, though a shadow of the gable remains on the back wall of an extension of No. 22 Prince Regent Street.

Materials used: Brick of varying ages has been used throughout the property. A make-shift, wooden, sliding-panel door now exists as a warehouse entrance. A large wooden beam used as a lintel, in turn supports another beam of wood which forms the low, flat roof built of thin corrugated iron. Number of storeys: 1 Fenestration and doorways: On large garage/warehouse entrance with a sliding panel door.

Period 20th Century
( 20th century )
Listed Status Not Listed
Within Stockton Town Centre Conservation Area Yes
Original Building Use Shop
( Store )
Current Building Use Shop
Date of Survey Thu, 08 Oct 2009
Relationship to Adjoining Buildings

Wedged between No. 34 (C/15) and No. 28 (C/17) butting up against the extensions of No. 22 Prince Regent Street (C/14). It is owned by Dobson at No. 26 West Row (C/18).


26 - 28 West Row Stockton-on-Tees TS18 1BN

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