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21 West Row

A two storey brick building with an attic floor. The brickwork does not confirm to any consistent bond and appears to have been much amended. The small size of most of the bricks indicates that the building may be of 18th century origin. The roof is double pitched and is covered in pantiles. There are no chimneys. The building other properties to the east and west and the only visible facades face Blue Post Yard and West Row. There are currently no openings on the Blue Post Yard facade but a blocked doorway and window can be seen at the ground floor level. The former doorway has a wooden lintel and is at the eastern end of the building. The former window is to the west of this and has a brick lintel. A modern shop front is offset to the south of the West Row facade. This has a single doorway to the left of this and a large plate glass window to the right. Above them is a large sign board. In the centre of the facade at the first and attic floors are wooden frames windows. These are of a similar size and style, both split into two panes vertically, with the left hand pane opening. There is a brick lintel above the attic floor window. The modified brickwork below the first floor window indicates that this opening may have been larger in the past, possibly a loading door. A modern hanging sign is attached to the first floor to the left of the window. A gutter runs along the Blue Post Yard facade and discharges into a down comer at the western end. At the lower level this down comer is inset into the brick work to protect it from damage. Rainwater from the other roof pitch appears to discharge onto the roof on 23 West Row.

Period 19th Century
( Early 19th century )
Within Stockton Town Centre Conservation Area No
Original Building Use Unknown
( Unknown )
Other Information

One of the few surviving small, old brick buildings in the area

Date of Survey Mon, 28 Sep 2009
Relationship to Adjoining Buildings

Adjoins a former warehouse in Blue Post Yard and 21 West Row to the south. The property operates as a single property with the warehouse


21 West Row Stockton-on-Tees TS18 1BT

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