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159-160 High Street

This brick office building is currently the home of an engineering firm. The (east) front faces the high street, while the south side faces Middle street, and the back of the building faces the car park along Smith Street/North Road. There is a painted metal wraparound sign facing the high street. The stretcher bond bricks are bonded with mortar. The roof is flat, and finished with concrete. There is no chimney. The front of the building (east, facing the High Street) has one single door entrance on the north edge.

The ground floor has five large plate-glass windows, to the south of the door. The first floor has seven casement windows, with painted frames. This pattern and style of window are repeated on the second floor. Surrounding the first and second floor window area is a concrete bracing frame, and between the first and second floor windows are blue painted metal panels. The south side, along middle street has five metal framed and grated, covered casement windows from the east end of the building moving west. The west end of the building has two single pane frosted windows, with bars. The first floor has 13 casement windows, with white wooden trim. The second floor repeats this window pattern.

To the rear of the building (the west) is a small staircase extension. The ground floor of this extension has no windows but does have a metal security door on the south side. The first floor has three casement windows with white wooden trip, as does the second floor. Below each of these two window courses on the extension are a series of three blue painted panels. On the back of the extension, facing the car park (west) there is a small brick one story utility off-shot. This structure has a single metal door. In the extension itself (to the south of the utility off-shot) there is a double metal door. Both these doors are painted blue. Above the utility off-shot on the extension is a barred single pane window on the first story, and above this, on the second story, is an un-barred single pane window.

The original west end of the building (before the extension) has three single pane barred casement windows with frosted glass. The first floor has two offset pane casement windows with white wood trim, and the second floor has the same window arrangement. There is a small vent above the ground floor on the rear face of the building above the ground floor windows. The north wall of the three-story extension is entirely brick. There is one bricked up Air Conditioning vent on the rear of the building (not the extension). There are distinct line between two phases of building on visible in the brick colour and texture on the south wall. The first is immediately to the west of the eastern most window course and the other is immediately to the west of the 7th window course from the eastern edge.

Period 20th Century
( Late 20th century )
Listed Status Not Listed
Within Stockton Town Centre Conservation Area Yes
Current Building Use Other
( Offices )
Date of Survey Tue, 18 Sep 2012
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159 - 160 High Street Stockton-on-Tees TS18 1PL

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