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15 Smith Street

This is a early 19th Century brick house and warehouse. The eastern half suggests a former residence, while the western half suggests some commercial or warehouse function. A passer-by indicated that the building was previously a door renovation shop. The brickwork is bonded with mortar, in an English Bond style with some mixed bricking.

The eastern roof is ridged and covered in slate tile. The western half is collapsed. The eastern half has one decorated wooden door. The western half has a single sliding door which is boarded up, but the metal slide mechanism is still visible. The eastern half has three windows. The ground floor has a slight-bay window, with black painted shutters. This window is repeated on the first floor, but with a sliding sash instead of shutters. Above the house entrance is a large boarded up window. The western half has one large window above the sliding door on the first floor. To the west of this window is a bricked up window, then a half-bricked up, half boarded up window.

On the ground floor, west of the sliding door, there are three small boarded up windows—two with wood frames on either side of a brick framed. There are two metal “X” support ties between the upper bay window and the large boarded up window. There is also one linear support tie between the two large boarded-up windows.

Period 19th Century
( Early 19th century )
Listed Status Not Listed
Within Stockton Town Centre Conservation Area Yes
Original Building Use Dwelling/House
( Dwelling )
Current Building Use Dwelling/House
Other Information

Now demolished (2020)

Date of Survey Tue, 18 Sep 2012
Relationship to Adjoining Buildings

Abuts N-9 to the east and N-11 to the west


15 Smith Street Stockton-on-Tees TS18 1PP

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