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126 High Street

The original front of the building is still visible on the first floor in the form of sandstone ashlar, ornately carved into a striking twin-spire feature with ship motif. Finials, probably original to the construction of the sandstone façade still sit on the spire tops. This is merely a façade as no actual first floor exists. The ground floor frontage is a blue-painted wooden façade representing the present occupiers of the building.

At the back, on the first floor, a brick façade remains shaped to fit a gable end with chimney still inset; it is safe to suggest that a gable roof originally existed, but has since been replaced by modern slate tiles. The back of the building has also been recently extended and a fire escape been added leading from the flat roof down into the yard adjacent to West Row.

Materials used:

  1. The ground floor front is a wooden façade, ornately painted, and the first floor is sandstone ashlar, ornately carved, and bonded by mortar. It may be noted that the mid-riff between the ground floor and sandstone façade is cream coloured render of a more recent date.
  2. The back is mostly late 19th Century brick in English Garden Wall bonding. This has then been extended a few metres into the back yard by modern brick in a simple repeating stretcher bonding. Number of storeys: 1/2 (possible basement)

Fenestration and doorways:

  1. A double door has been built into the modern façade, and a single door has been built into the modern extension at the back.
  2. Four large decorated windows at the front, and one large modern upvc window alongside the back door.
Period 20th Century
( 1908 )
Listed Status Grade II Listed
Historic England Links
Within Stockton Town Centre Conservation Area Yes
Original Building Use Shop
( Grocer )
Current Building Use Shop
Other Information

It should also be recognised that a similar building with an ornately decorated stone-facing façade is to be found at No. 17, Dovecot Street (C/09), built around the same time as No. 126, High Street.

Date of Survey Mon, 05 Oct 2009
Relationship to Adjoining Buildings

This small building shares the its current function with the larger building to its left, No. 125, High Street. The connecting wall has probably been knocked through to accommodate this.


125 - 126 High Street Stockton-on-Tees TS18 1AY

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