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114 High Street

This is a three storey building with the High Street façade of red brick laid in stretcher bond. The rear extension, facing Ship Inn Yard is two storey. This façade is of panels of red brick, laid in stretcher bond, between a concrete frame. The part of the building facing the High Street has a double pitched roof covered in pantiles. Capped gables rise above the roof line.

The rear part of the building appears to have a flat roof. Openings in the High Street façade:

1. Ground floor. Projecting shop front with a deep advertising sign above. There is a recessed double door in the centre of the façade with a glass panel over. The returns of the recess contain a pair of windows made up of two panes, the upper being smaller. This form of window continues across the remainder of the façade.

2. First and second floors. Each has two vertical sliding sash windows with six panes per sash. They are off-set in the façade to accommodate the entrance into Ship Inn Yard.

The material of the sills and lintels could not be determined. The Ship Inn Yard façade is stepped back twice along it’s length, creating three sections of which the middle is approximately twice the size of the outer two. Concrete lintels and sills are used throughout the façade.

In the section of the façade closest to the High Street the openings are as follows:

1. Ground floor. No current openings. There are three blocked widows and a blocked door. The former windows are all of equal size, with two placed to the west of the doorway and one to the east.

2. First floor. Three equally spaced metal framed windows. Each window has 12 panes arranged in three columns. The middle panes are wider than those at the edges.

The middle section of the façade has the following openings:

1. Ground floor. No current openings. There are six blocked windows, of unequal size.

2. First floor. There are seven metal framed windows. In the eastern half of the section two are of the same form as on the first floor of the section described above. These flank two narrower windows of the same height. The western half of the section has three equally spaced windows of approximately a third of the height of those previously described.

These are metal framed and contain five panes of glass. In the western most section the openings are as follows:

1. Ground floor. There is a single door towards the western end of the building. To the east of this are three blocked windows and to the west a single blocked window.

2. first floor. There are four equally spaced windows of the same form as those to immediately to the east. A gutter runs along the High Street façade and discharges into a down comer to the right hand side of the building.

The rear pitch of this roof also has a gutter which discharges into Ship Inn Yard. The Ship Inn Yard façade has a profiled plastic gutter discharging into three down comers spaced along the building. These, along with the foul pipe are protected by a metal casing at the ground floor level. A metal sign in the form of a ship is attached to the building above the entrance into Ship Inn Yard.

Period 20th Century
( Late 20th century )
Listed Status Not Listed
Within Stockton Town Centre Conservation Area Yes
Original Building Use Shop
( Shop )
Current Building Use Shop
Date of Survey Thu, 01 Oct 2009
Relationship to Adjoining Buildings

Adjoins 113 High Street to the south and, over a covered alleyway leading to Ship Inn Yard, to 115 to the north. The rear of the building adjoins 4 Ship Inn Yard


114 High Street Stockton-on-Tees TS18 1BB

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