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111 High Street

This red brick built building with a four storey High Street façade, laid in English Garden Wall bond. Stringer courses, in contrasting red brick, run above the first and second floor windows. Immediately behind the High Street building is a small three storey extension built at right angles to it. This is rendered. A large, two storey extension fronts onto Hambletonian Yard. The Hambletonian Yard façade is of modern red brick laid in stretcher bond. The rear of this extension is built up against 112 High Street for most of it’s length. There is an exposed section to the west that is laid in English Wall bond. The finish of this wall indicates that there was once another building against it.

The front part of the building and the first extension both have double pitched roofs. covered in slate. There is a brick built chimney stack, without a pot, on the right hand side of the High Street elevation. The second extension has a single pitch roof covered in slate. The openings in the front section of the building are as follows:

1. High Street façade, ground floor. Projecting modern shop front. Central double door with flanking plate glass windows, above a riser. There are three glazed panels above the door and windows and an advertising sign above them. The assembly is framed by a pair of pilasters.

2. High Street facade. The first, second and third floor windows are all of the same form, but of differing heights. Those on the second floor are tallest, with those on the third being approximately half their height and those on the first approximately two-thirds. The form of the windows is that of a closely set pair of windows. Each window has a low arched top and consists of two panes. The sills and shaped lintels are painted white.

3. Rear elevation. There is a single window towards the southern edge of the fourth floor. This is of a similar form to the front windows, but with an arched brick lintel.

The first extension only has openings in the Hambletonian Yard facade as follows:

1. Ground floor. A single doorway that appears to be out of use.

2. First and second floors. One window towards the west side of each floor. Four pane vertical sashes.

The second extension only has openings in the Hambletonian Yard facade, as follows:

1. Ground floor. Running west from the High Street: A bricked up single doorway. Two fixed, almost square, windows. Two windows, in a similar style, set lower. Three small rectangular window, with the top lights opening. A single recessed door, used as a fire escape.

2. First floor. Running west from the High Street: Seven windows of top panes, the top light opening.

Four smaller windows, the last two recessed, of the same form as the smaller ground floor windows. A gutter runs along the High Street facade, resting on a cornice, and discharges into a down comer at the left hand side of the building. There is also a gutter on the rear facade of this section of the building with a down comer that discharges onto the roof of the first extension. The first extension has gutters on both roof pitches. One down comer discharges into Hambletonian Yard and the other onto the roof of the second extension.

The second extension has a gutter running along the Hambletonian Yard facade, with three down comers that discharge into the yard. The High Street facade has two tie-beam end plates, one square and one round, above the first floor windows. There are two wall lights, in the style of carriage lamps, attached to the Hambletonian Yard facade.

Period 19th Century
( 19th century with later extensions )
Listed Status Not Listed
Within Stockton Town Centre Conservation Area Yes
Original Building Use Unknown
( Unknown )
Current Building Use Shop
Date of Survey Thu, 01 Oct 2009
Relationship to Adjoining Buildings

Adjoins 112 High Street to the north and, over the entrance to Hambletonian Yard, 110 High Street to the south


111 High Street Stockton-on-Tees TS18 1BB

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