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The Cleveland Flour Mill

The Cleveland Flour Mill

The Cleveland Flour Mill on the south bank of the River Tees, Thornaby was known as the 'Clevo'.

The first mill at the north end of Stockton with a siding from the Clarence railway was built in 1856 by Richard Henry Appleton. The mill burnt down in 1869 and new mills were soon built at South Stockton where the River Tees was deep enough for ships to moor alongside.

In 1889 the mills had combined to become the Cleveland Steam Flour Mills of Thornaby with R.H. Appleton appointed chairman. The Cleveland Flour Mill owned a private fleet of steamers to ensure supplies left on time and also to bring wheat from the continent. The warehouses stored grain, sugar and lead and were equipped with elevating and conveying machinery so that the grain could be taken direct from the steamers at the rate of 60 to 70 tons per hour.

The 'Clevo' closed in the 1960's and was demolished in June 1970. It took four days and 256 lbs of gelignite to destroy it.



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