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Billingham International Folklore Festival

Billingham International Folklore Festival

Billingham International Folklore Festival (BIFF) was originally launched in 1965, to bring diverse forms of traditional folk dance, music and costumes to Billingham from around the world.

BIFF became a founder member of the global organisation supporting and promoting folk festivals; Conseil International des Organisations de Festival de Folklore et d’arts traditionnels (CIOFF). It remains the UK representative of CIOFF.

Throughout its history, the festival has done a great deal to raise awareness and appreciation of the folk history of the world, helping people understand our shared international heritage. Costumes, dance movements, and musical forms frequently illustrate shared origins and similar preoccupations, amongst communities living seemingly very different lifestyles. In this sense it gives audiences an insight into the roots of our most enduring forms of cultural expression. BIFF also brings companies together to perform on stage, overcoming language barriers to collaborate and create new routines.

The event is accompanied by educational programmes which give an insight into the background of the groups performing, from every continent. Watching, joining in with and celebrating world folk in this way has become a well known part of the cultural heritage of Billingham, the Borough, and the Tees Valley.

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