The Globe Theatre Archive

September 8, 2017 no comments

Thanks to the sterling efforts of our digital heritage volunteers the library’s collection of theatre programmes from The Globe are now available to view online! Our earliest programme dates from 1935 and the latest 1963. As a peek into a bygone era of entertainment there’s some fascinating stuff to see. If we have any keen amateur researchers out there we’d love to know more about some of the acts that graced The Globe stage over the years. For example:

What did manly Danish entertainment involve exactly?  Likewise, the forgotten art of cycling and comedy is something of a mystery today:

And it may have been world famous in 1935 but, like slug balancing, the traditional dog and horse statue act has been lost in the mists of time:

If we’ve piqued your interest head over to The Globe Theatre Archive and see who, or what, topped the bill more than eighty years ago.

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