The Evilness of the Middle Distance Runner. And the Astrologer.

December 29, 2017 no comments

The period between Christmas and New Year is always a bit on the quiet side, but we don’t begrudge you people staying at home enjoying another chocolate orange and watching Space Chimps on ITV2 rather than researching your family history.  We’re not bitter.  Not that bitter anyway.  There’s plenty of work to catch up on in the Reference Library, like giving the Family History Suite a sort out.  Which usually unearths some interesting oddities, and this year was no exception.  Left in the printer was a copy of a Gazette front page from the 1980s.  While gloomy news of record unemployment figures could be expected, less predictable were ominous reports of Russell Grant being evil and Steve Cram opening a torture chamber.  Who’d have thought?


Don’t look into his eyes


“Increase the pain”


We’ll check the rest of the paper for other signs of the impending apocalypse.  Roland Rat trying to sacrifice Kevin the Gerbil live on TV-AM, Kris Akabusi stealing the nuclear launch codes.  That sort of thing.  If you would like to help with this, or indeed carry out your own local and family history research, do pay us a visit.  We have an extensive archive of local newspapers on microfilm dating back to 1858, which are not available online (see, you can’t get everything on the internet) including The Evening Gazette and lesser known titles like the Stockton Examiner, Journal and Morning Mail.  You can print or save a digital copy.  You don’t need an appointment, just head to Stockton Central Library and pop upstairs to the Reference department, open Monday – Saturday, and take a look.

Enjoy the New Year celebrations, try to avoid malevolent astrologers and sadistic middle distance runners and see you in 2018!

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