Stories From the High Street

Stories From the High Street

Stockton-on-Tees’ fine High Street, has a long and fascinating story, which reflects the history and development of Stockton Borough, Township, Ward and Parish.

“Stories from the High Street” is a project which provided participants with opportunities to meet and collaborate with project advisers from Stockton Council, Teesside Archives, Durham Record Office and Tees Archaeology, to research the history of buildings on and around the High Street.

A series of workshops and visits were provided to promote and provide access to historic sources, along with support from project advisers and staff from Preston Park Museum and Stockton Library services.  The project builds on previous projects and research, including an architectural survey of the area covered by the Central Stockton Townscape Heritage Initiative,  which was coordinated by Tees Archaeology for Stockton Borough Council.

The research drew on a wide range of historic sources to reveal stories relating to a number of interesting buildings on the High Street, and the people who visited, shopped, lived or worked in them, over the decades and centuries.  As Stockton has such a rich and varied history, this display can but introduce aspects of the Stockton’s history.  The more detailed stories collated from the research undertaken by project participants are shared on this website – Heritage Stockton and also Picture Stockton.

HighStreet_GJmr-4858 We would like to take this opportunity to thank: all project participants for their support and interest, for the time that they have given to support the workshops, and to research and write the stories; the historians and researchers past and present whose work has inspired the research; the project advisers and staff from Stockton Council, Stockton Library, Preston Park Museum, Tees Archaeology, Teesside Archives,  Durham Record Office for their knowledge, interest and passion for Stockton’s heritage; and, not least, the buildings and people of Stockton High Street, past and present.

The ‘Stories from the High Street’ project is part of the Council’s wider Grants for Heritage Buildings programme, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Council.  For more information on the project, please visit