Rules of the Stockton on Tees Free Public Library

June 14, 2018 no comments

Stockton Library Service is a modern, inclusive, forward thinking 21st century library service. We’re bristling with tech and brimming with welcoming, friendly staff. Back in 1877, things were slightly different. When the Masonic Hall on Wellington Street was converted by the town council and opened as a Free Library one or two rules were put in place for the public to observe. We would never allow ourselves one moment of guilty pleasure imagining ourselves as stern Victorian Librarians enforcing fines and gleefully handing out punishments. We leave this document here merely for historical interest.


People?  Borrowing books themselves? Outrageous.


You missed out “sticky and filthy” in front of “hands”.


Not just examine.  Carefully examine.


Imprisonment, hard labour, whipping?  Those were the days.



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