North East Film Archive Search & Rescue campaign

September 15, 2018 no comments

The North East Film Archive, alongside the Yorkshire Film Archive, is a tremendous resource for those with an interest in the region’s heritage. NEFA is “committed to finding, preserving and providing access to the moving image heritage of the North East of England”. Currently housed in the Constantine Building at Teesside University there are thousands of titles capturing the changing face of the North East, with many in colour as well as the more familiar black and white associated with historical film recordings.

Film and video are a fragile medium, and NEFA are always on the lookout for vulnerable recordings featuring the North East. Their new Search & Rescue campaign is an appeal to “everyone who lives in, works in or loves the North East to help us re-discover those forgotten film and videotape collections that have recorded life in the region over the past one hundred and twenty years.” As well as the call out for help in finding as yet undocumented collections there will be screenings of some remarkable films in the communities in which they were first made. For more details on the project go to

One recent example from Stockton confirms the value of the work carried out by the archive. Click here to watch some wonderful footage from the 1953 Coronation Celebrations showing the High Street awash with colour, captured by toy shop owner Leslie Brown.

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