New A3 Scanner for Digital Heritage

March 23, 2018 no comments

We have a new addition to the Family History Suite. Thanks to the ongoing Globe restoration and heritage project we have a shiny new A3 scanner, ready to capture those oversize posters, flyers and programmes from years ago. We’ve given it a trial run on a programme that was kindly donated to us featuring Manfred Mann and Bill Haley.


If you have any Globe memorabilia gathering dust in the attic please do get in touch and we can put our new tech to good use, creating a digital copy to add to our online archive.

Very sadly we won’t be having a competition to name it. The integrity of the Family History Suite could be fatally comprised if we had to sit down and use Scanny McScanFace every day. Instead we will sensibly and professionally to refer to it as the Plustek A3 Scanner. Although on May the 4th we might have to call it Scan Solo.

You’re all clear, kid. Now let’s scan this thing and go home.

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