Local and Community History Month

May 10, 2018 no comments

May is Local and Community History Month and we’ve got a lot on. This week local historian Bob Woodhouse had a full house for his Curiosities of Cleveland talk. More than fifty people enjoyed tales of collapsing bridges, mysterious meteorites and repurposed castles.

Bob Woodhouse talking about Stockton Castle

Bryan Cooper detailed the scandalous story of Samuel Strong the Younger, a distant relative of Bryan’s who deserted his wife and children for a twice married widow.

And still to come in May we have Martin Peagam talking Stockton Workhouses – A Wise and Humane Regime. Martin will look at the origins of Stockton’s workhouses, what they looked like, how they operated and who lived in them. Plus if you prefer your local history on the move Martin is hosting a Magical Mystery History Tour as a restored vintage bus tours the area to learn about the places, people and events that are part of our heritage.

Also, we have two sessions for children during half term. Become a family history detective, and use the information you discover, and your own imagination, to ‘picture’ your ancestors! Design and create your own family coat of arms using the 3D printers in our new ‘Innovation Station’. And because we like our shiney new 3D printers so much we’ll be putting them to good use with Stockton in 3D. Learn about some of Stockton’s most iconic buildings and then print them. Naturally we’ve had to have a little practice and we’re fairly confident our Globe Theatre cannot possibly be bettered. But we’ll find out on the 31st May what our intrepid builders can create.

Perfection, in three dimensions


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