Industrial Teesside Book Launch

February 3, 2018 no comments

This week we were delighted to welcome Dr. Jon Warren back to the library for the launch of his new book Industrial Teesside, Lives and Legacies.  Much of the content for the book came from workshops Jon facilitated throughout the area focusing on those who lived and worked during the period when employment on Teesside was dominated by heavy industry, and its subsequent decline.  It was wonderful to see many of the people who attended the original Stockton workshop in the audience.

Jon described the challenges and rewards of the project and provided a fascinating outline of the industrial history of the area to compliment the reflections garnered from the workshops and other interviews.

The Reference Library will hold a copy of Jon’s book (once the odd quirks of modern day academic publishing have been ironed out!) so people outside of academia can enjoy this valuable insight into the lived experience of industrialisation.


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