On This Day: 31st March 1827

March 18, 2019 no comments

Richmond’s The Local Records of Stockton and The Neighbourhood once again gives us an intriguing glimpse of Stockton’s past.  Many of you will have no doubt visited the internationally famous Madame Tussauds attraction in London and enjoyed the experience of being photographed next to uncanny and/or creepy waxworks of A-list… Read Full Story

On this Day: February 14th 1804

February 14, 2019 no comments

Thomas Richmond’s Local Records of Stockton and Neighbourhood is a treasure trove of information about our area.  As its subtitle states “this register of memorable events” details hundreds of historical occasions, from courtroom debacles to building openings, ship wreaks to solar eclipses.  On this day in 1804 Stockton saw the… Read Full Story

On this Day: 22nd November 1963

November 22, 2017 no comments

People of a certain vintage will be familiar with the phrase “everyone remembers where they were the day President Kennedy was shot”. In one of those odd historical quirks, for some people in Stockton-on-Tees the day was doubly memorable as the Beatles played twice at the Globe Theatre. Here’s the… Read Full Story