Castle Theatre Programme 1911

April 20, 2018 no comments

While our collection contains a healthy amount of ephemera from the Globe and Forum theatres, it’s a little sparse where the Castle Theatre is concerned. The theatre was built on the site of the former Stockton Castle and stood until 1969, replaced by the Swallow Hotel. You can read more about this lost building of Stockton here.

So we were delighted this week when a rather fine looking programme from 1911 made its way to our digital heritage volunteers for scanning.

Besides the theatrical details there are some tremendous insights into the social history of the time from the advertisements. “Balm of Gilead” beauty cream sounds highly exotic, especially as potential customers are reassured that it’s “perfectly harmless”.

Equally tempting is the 1911 equivalent of Just for Men, “Vegetable Hair Stain”:

Exactly which vegetables can brush away the grey was presumably a trade secret.

Firmly in the anti-advertising advertising category was Mrs. Hendry’s Millinery, who needed no further introduction:

Likewise H. Baker seemed irritated by all this advertising nonsense, but was perhaps a little more promotionally astute than his competitors:

Finally, we need your help as frankly we have no idea what Bert Fry’s offer actually is, even if it is beyond suspicion…

Any ideas, let us know!

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