Take That, Stockton

September 26, 2018 no comments

Like much of the rest of the region we were beside ourselves with excitement to hear that the nation’s pre-eminent middle aged man band Take That will be returning to Teesside to play at The Riverside Stadium, home of Middlesbrough FC. Returning? Yes indeed, because, as is customary, Stockton got there first. While the Riverside Stadium gig will no doubt boast spectacular sets, record breaking crowds and Rick Astley, it won’t have the thrilling authenticity that was the hallmark of their original Teesside visit. Back in 1992 the then fresh faced five piece took their lives into their hands and headed to The Mall nightclub filled with several hundred over emotional young fans. As you can see, the result was HYSTERIA:

As a local history archive we know that everything changes but thanks to our microfilmed newspaper collection the people of the borough can never forget their heritage. We can’t make any promises but it only takes a minute to find a fascinating local history article and with a little patience we’re sure your distant recollections will be back for good. A visit to the reference library will be worth your while, no matter what.

No Matter What was Boyzone? Darn.

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