The War Diaries of Roger Stamp: September 1917

The War Diaries of Roger Stamp: September 1917

Roger’s diary continues on from August 1917

Saturday 1st September 1917 – Tom came, reaching the hospital at 2.30 bringing a parcel, (he sent a letter and parcel which arrived yesterday). The nurse said he should stay to tea and about 6pm Mother and Annie arrived while Tom was still with me, the nurse gave Mother some addresses for lodgings.

Sunday 2nd August 1917 – Mother and Annie cane to see me. They have clean comfortable lodgings just outside the hospital. I wish I was allowed out of bed so I could have more time with them.

Saturday 8th August 1917 – Albert came up today, Tom is also here, both are staying at Mothers lodgings.

Monday 10th September 1917 – Mother, Annie and Albert have gone home, Tom has returned to Port Glasgow.

Friday 14th September 1917 – Am still in bed feeling alright in myself. A wound which had dried up in France has started to gather and I had it dressed this morning.

Wednesday 19th September 1917 – A few days ago I had 3 or 4 pains in my leg and thinking it might be shrapnel mentioned it to the doctor, so today I was taken to the x-ray and there my leg was marked as they found the pieces, there is one piece in the bone, it will mean the bone being cut if it is to be taken out altogether, there are 5 pieces in the bottom of the leg and 1 very small piece at the top. I prefer them to be taken out now as they may cause trouble afterwards when I have left hospital, perhaps after the war, if they are not taken out.

Thursday 20th September 1917 – I learned unofficially that unless the shrapnel bothers me it will not be taken out.

Roger’s diaries continue in October 1917