The War Diaries of Roger Stamp: February 1918

The War Diaries of Roger Stamp: February 1918

Roger’s diaries continue on from January 1918

Saturday 23rd February 1918 – Had an extra good week, on Tuesday was one of a party at a whist drive and dance at the Mission Hall in Newton-on-Ayr. Wednesday the Fromways entertained us to supper and dance, Thursday went to Hill House and had even a better time than before, and last night the choir and Guild of St Leonards church entertained us to a supper and whist drive.
This morning have just been reading where the Scottish miners gave a vote of protest against the manpower proposals-lot of shirkers-I cannot understand why they and others like the Amalgamated Society of Engineers have been allowed to vote on the question and why it is they have not been called upon to serve in the proper way-conscripted and punished for refusing. Why it is these men are allowed to shirk the Army and discomforts, while others go out again to the trenches after being wounded, and are quite as skilled to the work the shirkers are doing.

Monday 25th February 1918 – Just read with pleasure the Durham miners have agreed to the ‘comb out’ to provide the 50 thousand necessary A1 men wanted for the trenches.

Wednesday 27th February 1918 – My leg is healing very rapidly now, lime ointment is used and pink lint and now getting it massaged every day, the masseuse uses olive oil and I have a hot bath on my own everyday, as hot as possible. I think God is helping me and trust him for what is to come later, at an inspection today I brought the visiting doctors notice to the piece of shrapnel in my hand – he advised me to leave it alone and not have it taken out unless severely troubled as it was in such a funny place.

Roger’s diary briefly continues in March 1918