On This Day: 31st March 1827

March 18, 2019 no comments

Richmond’s The Local Records of Stockton and The Neighbourhood once again gives us an intriguing glimpse of Stockton’s past.  Many of you will have no doubt visited the internationally famous Madame Tussauds attraction in London and enjoyed the experience of being photographed next to uncanny and/or creepy waxworks of A-list celebrities.  But in 1827 Madame Tussaud herself paid Stockton a visit with her travelling exhibition:

1827 March – Madame Tussaud’s celebrated exhibition of waxworks was opened this month at the Town Hall , Stockton and continued till the latter part of April.   A promenade concert of vocal and instrumental music was given each evening, and proved very attractive.

Sadly Richmond doesn’t give details about who the 1827 equivalents of Tom Hardy and Jennifer Lawrence were, but thanks to our subscription to the British Newspaper Archive we do know the line-up for her evening promenade concert:

Durham Advertiser, 31st March 1827


Durham Chronicle, 21st April 1827


As Madame Tussaud went on successfully to establish a London museum of waxy likenesses in 1835 we can only assume that she did indeed meet with kind encouragement from the people of Stockton-on-Tees.

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