Family History Suite

November 1, 2017 no comments

To a fanfare of ooohs and aahhs we’ve had a move around in our family history suite. We’ve opened up much more space with a classroom style arrangement to help with our Introduction to Family History sessions. Our Digital Heritage Volunteers now have more elbow room for their scanning work, too.


Our veteran, hand cranked film reader, Gideon, has been given a more dignified position rather than wobbling around in the middle of the room and we’ve included an extra bay of shelving so the monumental inscriptions and parish register transcripts aren’t so squashed.

Nobody puts Gideon in the corner. Except us.


You can also get a better look at the collection of family history research guides. See, if you ever had your suspicions that there was a James Bond figure in the family, we can help.


So, if you’re thinking about getting started with your family history or want to delve into the history of your local area, pay us a visit and enjoy the lovely new surroundings.  The comments book doesn’t lie.

No, we didn’t just write that ourselves…

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